Van Adventure Games Van Adventures Game – Hey, man, let
RVPM Racing RvPM Racing – There is a brand new race tearing through the highways and freeways of America. Instead of those hot shot kids and their fancy cars, you and your buddies get in [...]
Turbo Trucks Turbo Trucks – Choose your turbo truck and head out onto the road for some worldwide racing fun. Select your track and pay the entrance fee for that race. Speed through the c [...]
Jets Truck Jets Truck – A puzzle game in the purest sense of the word, Jets Truck is an amazingly challenging jigsaw puzzle game. Each picture is another gorgeous work of art featuring [...]
Rough Roads Rough Roads – Travel all around the world in this heart pounding racing game. Rough Roads takes you all over the world in a madcap adventure to see as many different countrie [...]
Rocky Rider Rocky Rider – In this action packed game, you get behind the wheel of a modified truck that is geared for off road racing. Rocky Rider gives you several levels in three diffe [...]
Jeep Racer Jeep Racer – There has never been a crazier or more hardcore Jeep racing course that this one. The track is built on amazing tough mountain terrain, but to add to the challen [...]
JCB Rally JCB Rally – When guys are done busting their humps all day building new roads and structures, these rugged workers look for extreme ways to unwind. That is where JCB Rally ca [...]
Italy Race Italy Race – The race is on! Head out to the old country of Italy and get ready for some hardcore truck racing. In Italy Race, your goal is not to just make it to the end as [...]
Ice Racer Ice Racer – You wait all year long for the snow to start falling. That is when you bring out your ice cruiser and hit the mountain trails with your friends to see who is the [...]
Truck Riders Truck Riders – Welcome to the toughest truck race of your life. When you start the game out, you only have a small Hummer and must race and work your way up through the ranks [...]
Truck Racers Truck Racers – The first thing you will notice about this hardcore racing game is the awesome graphics. Once you start playing, you will love the controls of these heavy duty [...]
Truck Racer Truck Racer is an aerial view racing game that pits you against several other racers. Speed around sharp turns and past tough competition on your quest to finish number one. Weave [...]
Heels n Wheels Heels ‘N’ Wheels – Cancer is a terrible disease that kills too many people every year. You may not be a doctor or scientist, but you can do your part to help erad [...]
Reach The Pitch Reach the Pitch – The roads are packed with blockades and you are in a high speed race against the clock and other racers. Reach the Pitch is a non-stop racing game that will [...]
PMG Racing PMG Racing – Why would you want to race with just one type of vehicle when you can choose from a bunch of different ones and try them all out? PMG Racing is a fun racing game [...]
Pencil Racer 3 Pencil Racer 3: Drive It – The sun is high in the sky and the weather is nice and warm. There is a slight breeze blowing through the open school windows as you sit in class, [...]
Ford AA Flatbed Truck Pimp My 1936 Ford AA Flatbed Truck – Forget rushing out to buy the latest cars and trucks like the rest of these young kids today. You like to admire the durability and grace [...]
Toy Room Race Toy Room Race – Remote control racing is such a great hobby for kids of all ages – and many adults, as well. Join Truck Games 365 in helping to bring that family hobby [...]
Five Truck Five Trucks asks you if you have the skill to unlock all five powerful racing trucks in this heart pounding game. When you begin the game, you have a basic model truck with no fril [...]
Outback Racing Outback Racing Game – Welcome to wilds of Australia. The land down under does not take kindly to city folk coming in and trying to show them up, so you will have to bring you [...]
The Space Race The Space Race – The Space Race consists of four parts. You will only have thirty seconds to complete each part. After each of the four checkpoints, thirty seconds will be ad [...]
Off Road Offroad – There is only one kind of racing that matters, and it is not that wussie city racing or boring track racing. The only kind of race that matters is off roading. Offr [...]
Mr Loony Ride Mr. Loony Ride – Mr. Loony is out cruising around the wilderness when suddenly an emergency comes up. Now he has to hurry and race back before it is too late. Help this poor [...]
Micro Trux 2 Micro Trux 2 – Just like the original, Micro Trux 2 is another fast paced blast of pure adrenaline rush. Zoom your way through all kinds of different race tracks made right i [...]
Micro Trux Micro Trux – This interesting game plays like something out of a kid’s story book thanks to some really cute graphics. Choose multiple variations and parts for your mini truc [...]
Micro RC Truck Micro RC Truck – Radio control racing is one of the hottest hobbies out there today. Now you can take your love for this fun hobby and bring it to your computer. Micro RC Tru [...]
Donkey Kong Truck Donkey Kong Truck – For many years, gamers of all ages have enjoyed the hilarious antics and fun of the Donkey King franchise. Make way for the newest game in that classic se [...]
Mean Machine Mean Machine – Mickey Mouse is normally a calm and collected type of mouse, but not when it comes down to business. Today that business is racing. Mickey Mouse just got a bra [...]
Desert Race Desert Race – The heat is on as you take your jeep for a high speed cruise through the desert. This is going to be the fastest – and hottest – race you have ever [...]
Demonic Truck Demonic Truck – Get ready for a race unlike any other in the world… Or underworld. You are one of the few drivers to ever be invited to race in the annual off road even [...]
Stone Age Runner Stone Age Runner – Man has been racing his cars since the dawning of time. Even the cavemen would build the fastest foot powered cars they could and try to leave the others i [...]
Mater Al Rescate Mater Al Rescate – Lightning McQueen was speeding around Radiator Springs one day preparing for his next race when he lost control and drove into a deep ditch. Now he is stuc [...]
Death Racers Death Racers – Your government needs you – to die for their entertainment. When reality television takes over the globe, people grow cold to the shock tactics they used [...]
Las Vegas Hummer Las Vegas Hummer – The city of sin brings a brand new race to fans around the world. Las Vegas Hummer is a race right through the heart of one of the largest cities in Americ [...]
Land Rider Land Rider – Off road racing takes on an extreme twist in this aerial view flash game. Land Rider pits you against the clock in a dirt course race in a heavy duty vehicle. Be [...]
3D Truck Mission 3D Truck Mission – Why waste your time playing those other racing games? These days everything is in 3D, and new racing video games are no exception to that rule. 3D Truck Mi [...]
Amazing Race Amazing Race – Is your all terrain vehicle gassed up, washed, and ready to hit the road? Great, except this time you are not going to be cruising along a well paved road in t [...]
Benzine Race Benzine Race is a game where you have to drive a heavy duty military truck down the road and infiltrate enemy lines. You have to do this to bring fuel to the allies that are trappe [...]
Dirt Track Dirt Track – The race is on! Choose your favorite car get ready to kick up some dust and leave your opponents in your tracks. Dirt Track allows you to do just that. As you sp [...]
Desert Jeep Desert Jeep – Join Truck Games 365 on the great continent of Africa as we bring you the wildest desert racing game ever. Desert Jeep lets you race down the dirty city roads o [...]
Crosstown Craze Crosstown Craze – Lego Racers, start your engines! Get ready for the fastest and wildest race to ever hit the Lego Racers Circuit. Each race has three rounds in Crosstown Cra [...]
Crazy Orcs Racing Crazy Orcs Racing – Way back in the day, before there were top speed engines and extra traction tires, there was Crazy Orcs Racing. Compete in this challenging race to win th [...]
Buggy Craze Buggy Craze – Once you start playing Buggy Craze, you will be hooked right in. Start off by choosing the best dune buggy out of the several choices available to you. Then hit [...]
BMW Mountain Race BMW Mountain Race – BMW has made the finest cars for many years. They have now taken over the highly competitive truck market. To flex their ultimate domination over the auto [...]
4x4 Rally 4×4 Rally – Unlike all of the other boring off road racing games out there, 4×4 Rally will make you race against other racers through snowy and icy tracks. Make sur [...]

Truck Racing Games

Speeding around race tracks in hot sports car racing games seems like a great job, but it is nothing compared to the intense action involved in online truck racing. To prove this point, we have scoured the internet for some of the best and most exciting free truck racing games to include in this section.

The variety of free gaming options in this section cannot be rivaled anywhere online. We have games that pit you against the elements of Mother Nature as you speed through terrible landscapes. We have some puzzle racing games that will test your ability think and act quickly. We even have games that will make you feel good as you help to defeat deadly diseases.