Your Large Truck Your Large Truck – Parking a car is easy, but parking a giant semi truck is completely different. That is the new job you have to learn when you got a job as a semi truck val [...]
Xmas Truck Parking Xmas Truck Parking – Even Santa Clause himself still has to park his big rig somewhere. Xmas Truck Parking puts you in Santa’s boots as he tries to park this big beast [...]
School Bus Frenzy School Bus Frenzy – Ding ding! The school, bell rings and you run outside to catch the bus that is parked across the street. Man, there are so many cars. How are you ever goi [...]
School Bus Driver School Bus Driver – The local school had opening for new bus drivers and since you love kids, you decided to go out and give it a shot. Now that you have the job, you have to [...]
Truck Space Parking Truck Parking Space – This parking genre video game will put your gaming skills to the test. Truck Parking Spaces gives you several very large trucks that you will have to st [...]
Loading Dock Loading Dock – You have just gotten a new job as a truck driver. Now it is time to begin some special training. In each level, you will be asked to park a semi truck and trai [...]
Heavy Truck Parking Heavy Truck Parking – You have been one hot valet for years, but parking cars is an easy job. You want to really have some power underneath you, so you decide to start parkin [...]
Truck Parking Truck Parking – When you decided to go out and find a new job, you turned to truck driving as a great chance. Now that you have been hired, you must start your training. Each [...]
Heavy Duty Parking Heavy Duty Parking – Parking cars is child’s play. Real men can park any of these heavy duty machines with ease. Start out with a construction truck and park it in the [...]
Transformers Truck Transformers Truck – The all spark pieces have been scattered all over Earth and now Optimus Prime must return all of them back in one piece. You get to help Optimus in this [...]
Park My Truck Park My Truck – Congratulations! The new lot just had an opening for a brand new valet and you just got the job. Now get out there and learn how to be the greatest valet you [...]
Park My Tank Park My Tank – Get up, soldier! Today you have tank duty. No, you are not going out and shooting things up. Before you can do that, you must learn how to carefully control th [...]
Fork Lift Frenzy Fork Lift Frenzy – So you have managed to perfect parking a car. Good for you. Now you must learn to park an even more challenging vehicle while moving crates around the ware [...]
Park My School Bus Park My School Bus – Our children’s safety is the number one concern for most of us. That is why the training for school bus drivers is so strict and tough. Get a taste [...]
Forklift Drive Forklift Drive – After many years working warehouses, you finally get a chance for a great promotion to be a fork truck driver. Before they just hand over the keys to this ve [...]
Park My Emergency Vehicle Park My Emergency Vehicle – You are a new recruit straight out of the academy. Your first training lessons show you how to control the powerful machines that you will have to [...]
Park My Big Rig 3 Park My Big Rig 3 – So you thought you had it tough last time? Ha! You have not seen anything until now. Park My Big Rig 3 brings you the biggest mean machines and the smalle [...]
Toy Truck Toy Truck – There are toys everywhere that need to be delivered and there is only one person for the job. That person is you and hopefully you are up to the tough task. Use t [...]
Park My Big Rig 2 Park My Big Rig 2 – After the smashing success of the first parking game, Park My Big Rig 2 comes driving out of the gates at full speed. Great graphics will attract your eye [...]
Fire Engine Drive Fire Engine Drive – Oh my gosh! Fires have broken out all over the city. It looks like this is going to be a long day for you and the rest of the brave firefighters today. St [...]
CSCS Parking CSCS Parking – In this fast paced parking game, you have to worry about more than just how you park. You are in charge of a busy shipping warehouse and must make sure you get [...]
Carrier Truck Carrier Truck – There is heavy machinery, and then there is really heavy machinery. You have been driving truck for your whole life and finally have a chance to play with the [...]
Snowstorm Snowstorm – There have been freak snowstorms all over the city and you are the busiest snow plow driver out right now. Go around to each of your parking lots and plow out as [...]
London Bus 2 London Bus 2 – Come on, Ol’ Chap. Now is a great time to take a spin around jolly old England in a classic double decker bus. These buses have become a symbol of Englan [...]
Skill Parking Skill Parking – This is a parking game that will test your driving skills to the max. In order to advance to the next level, you will have to park vehicles in a variety of sp [...]
American Forklift American Forklift – Parking games have come and gone. Driving games have come and gone. Now the future of parking games is here. In American Forklift, you are a new warehouse [...]
Dockyard Shift Dockyard Shift – New orders have come in faster than the company can handle. They are now forced to hire new workers to handle all of the new orders coming through the office [...]

Truck Parking Games

Everybody wants to get behind the wheel of their very own big rig and hit the open road. Before they can graduate to this high level of truck driving, they must first master some of the basics. That is why we have set aside a whole section just for the addictive truck parking games that are popping up all over the internet.

These challenging free parking games combine the fun of intense driving games with the challenge of puzzle games. Every game we have featured in this section will challenge you while sucking you in with fun and excitement. To add even more variety, we have included other online parking games, such as fork truck parking, snow plows and even some huge buses. Once you have mastered the art of truck parking, you will be ready to drive any rig you find.