Fire Truck

Iveco Fire Truck Iveco Fire Truck – Unlike the other flash video games in the fire and rescue genre, Iveco Fire Truck makes you use your head more than your driving skills. Every level has a [...]
Heavy Fire Fighter Heavy Firefighter – It is a very busy day for the local fire house, and you have just been ordered over to give them a hand. Use the arrow keys to move the fire truck around [...]
Fire Truck Master 2 Fire Truck Masters 2 – Out here in the middle of nowhere, we do not use those big, lumbering fire engines that you see in the big cities. Our fire trucks are hardcore off roa [...]
Fire Truck Master Fire Truck Master – Fires are raging out of control all over the place. What is a young hero like you to do? Jump in your monster fire truck and race to the fires, hopefully [...]
Fire Truck 2 Fire Truck 2 – So you thought you were tough when you made it through the original Fire Truck, but now the fires have gotten larger and the challenges even greater. In Fire T [...]
Fire Truck Fire Truck asks you one simple question. Do you have what it takes to be the best fire fighter in town? Do you think you have what it takes? Then come a long and join Truck Games 3 [...]
American Firefighter In American Firefighter, you will take control of one of the biggest vehicles on the road and drive around saving the people of your big city. A giant fire truck looks like it woul [...]

Fire Truck Games

One of the most important jobs in the world is firefighting. It is also one of the most deadly jobs in the world. These heroes go out into the world every single day and risk their lives, just to save complete strangers from a fiery death. Show your respect for these great fire fighters with the amazing games in our fire truck games online section. We have selected each of the free video games in this section for their level of skill, challenge and danger good for kids and adults alike.

Unlike other free online truck driving video games, these games will test your driving skill as well as how well you can handle a hose, save human lives and other tasks. Drive and act quickly, but carefully. Hundreds of innocent lives are in your hands.