Easter Rampage Easter Rampage – Drive you huge machine down the city streets as you attempt to kill as many animals and people as you can. Your run for the highest score ends when you run o [...]
Taxi Driver Challenge Taxi Driver Challenge – In this addictive video game, you must jump into the shoes of a taxi driver and scour the city for passengers to pick up. Once you do, take them to th [...]
Super Racer Super Racer – Truck Games 365 brings you a fun video game for any age driving fan out there. No matter if you are bored after school or looking to kill some time at the offic [...]
Dog Catcher Dog Catcher – You are the Dog Police and it is up to you to save all of the canine prisoners that have been nabbed by those pesky dog catchers. To do this, you have equipped [...]
Strongest Truck 2 Strongest Truck 2 – In the first game, you controlled what was thought to be the most powerful truck around at that time. Well now that you have managed to pull that one off, [...]
Destructo Truck Destructotruck – What is the point of driving of large ramps at high speeds of nothing is going to be destroyed? Well do not worry about that anymore. Destructotruck is the g [...]
Streets Of Valhalla Streets of Valhalla – The police are in hot pursuit of a red pick up truck that is driving through town shooting the place up. The object of this action driving game is to av [...]
Storm Truck Storm Truck – There is a giant storm that has just moved in over the city. You are one lonely truck driver who is stuck driving through this terribly windy storm. The winds a [...]
Mars Buggy Mars Buggy – We finally did it! Man has landed on Mars, and now we need some very brave men and women to scour the surface of this unknown planet. You will have to drive you [...]
Steampunk Rally Steampunk Rally – Welcome to the annual Steampunk Rally race! You are a new racer in this year’s competition and you must steer your cool steampunk machine to the finis [...]
Market Truck Market Truck – In this cute driving game, you have to get a load of precious cargo to market. The only problem is that roads to the market are very bumpy and threaten to knoc [...]
Deadly Drive Deadly Drive – Try to reach the exit before your truck is destroyed. Sounds like an easy plan, but you are so mistaken. It is going to take every ounce of driving skill and n [...]
Danger Wheels Danger Wheels – This is not just one of the most addictive driving games on the internet, but also one of the most fun puzzle games on the internet. Danger Wheels gives you o [...]
Space Hummer 2 Space Hummer 2 – Instead bringing those wimpy little space buggies out into the wild alien areas, your team brings a big old Hummer to drive around on the surface of these fo [...]
Snow Truck Snow Truck – There was a big show fall on the mountains overnight and you are part of the special rescue crew that was sent out to see if there is anybody that needs help. Dr [...]
Mad Trucker 2 Mad Trucker 2 – Are you ready to make even more money? Of course you are. Who isn’t? Mad Trucker 2 puts you in control of one of the most powerful trucks on the road. T [...]
Mad Trucker Mad Trucker – The only you are going to make any money by driving your huge eighteen wheel beast is by traveling as fast and far as you can each day. As you travel, you will [...]
Mad Mine Truck Mad Mine Truck – You are a brand new coal mine driver, and you have one of the most important jobs at the mine site. As the miners are down below the Earth mining the preciou [...]
Snowplow Snowplow – The great city of Boston has been hot by a huge snow storm and you have the only working snowplow in the whole city. Drive around the city clearing the streets of [...]
Smugglers Smugglers – The border police are on to you! Drive around following a plane that will be dropping illegal cargo. Avoid the border police who will be chasing you and trying to [...]
London Bus London Bus – The city of London is a beautiful and historical city. One of the iconic vehicles to come out of this great city is the huge double decker bus. London Bus makes [...]
Skull Driver Skull Driver – The only objective in this extreme driving game is to do as many back flips as you can. In a course that looks like it was pulled straight out of the Underworl [...]
Alpine Truck 2 Alp Truck 2 – You did not go out and buy a great off road race truck just to tool around the city. You bought it so you could experience the hardcore fun of mountain driving. [...]
Sketch Rider Sketch Rider – Come along on an adventure of imagination. Travel through the sketches of a child’s daydream as he imagines fast cars and perilous courses, steep with cl [...]
Beat The Heat Beat the Heat – The hit Nickelodeon cartoon I Am Weasel comes to Truck Games 365 in this fast paced online video game. Beat the Heat puts players right in the middle of one o [...]
Army Speeder Army Speeder – Suit up, Soldier. The United States Army needs you in the global fight against terrorism. How can you help? What your army needs from you right now is your sup [...]
Alien Rover Alien Rover – Alien Rover brings something most other truck driving games do not – humor. The game starts out with an entertaining story that takes place in a galaxy not so f [...]
Crazy SUV Crazy SUV – In this unbelievably cute game on Truck Games 365, players have to drive their beautiful new SUV truck through some rocky and hilly terrain to reach the finish li [...]
Challenger Challenger – A car has been hijacked and to make matters even worse, it is full of explosives. Now it is cruising down the highway, attempting to escape you. In the free onli [...]
Border Services Border Services – The newest game on Truck Games 365 is Border Services. You have to take a truck full of immigrants across the American border and into freedom. To do this y [...]
Drive In Night Drive In Night – How great is your night vision? Are you ready to put it to the ultimate test? Play Drive In Night and attempt to speed down a dark highway late at night. Wit [...]
Disruptive Ride Disruptive Ride – A giant earthquake is rocking your world and it is time for you and your family to high tail it out of Dodge. Hop into your big SUV truck and start outrunni [...]
Crazy Jeep Crazy Jeep – Do you like sitting around in bumper to bumper traffic, listening to the idiots around you honking their horns and screaming at the other drivers? Of course you [...]
Coche Bomb Coche Bomb – KAPOW!! There goes another one of your competitors. In Coche Bomb, the only job you have is to stay alive. Your car is equipped with a bomb that will detonate an [...]
Bulldozer Bulldozer – Have you just had a long boring day at the office? Was school and overly boring task today? Then why not wake your senses up with some hardcore construction truck [...]
Art of War Art of War: El Alamein is the latest battle game by the company Mortar Games. You are a gunman in the deserts of a war torn country in the early forties. The determined enemy will [...]
Army Driver Army Driver – Truck Games 365 brings you Army Driver, an amazingly well done military battle game that will keep even the most hardcore war fans preoccupied for days. In this [...]