Kamaz Truck Jungle 2 Kamaz Jungle 2 – One of the biggest trucks any driver can power is the giant Kamaz truck. This amazing driving series brings you another great set of challenging courses with [...]
Kamaz Jungle Kamaz Jungle – The jungles of the world are very dark and creepy places sometimes. With wild animals and other jungle explorers all over the place, your adventure through the [...]
X Trucks X Trucks – Hey, buddy, get a move on! If you are not out here to really get extreme, then just take your girly butt right back home. X Trucks is a truck driving game with awe [...]
Kamaz 3 Kamaz 3 – Another great driving series has come to Truck Games 365 with the latest Kamaz 3. It is summer and the country challenge is the most popular trial in this season [...]
Save All Soldiers Save All Soldiers – You are part of an elite military rescue team. Your mission is to go into the middle of dangerous war zones and rescue the men and women that are fighting [...]
Kachra Gaadi Kachra Gaadi – You have been tasked with collecting kachra along the road. To do this you will have to drive down the streets of the town and collect karchra and other power [...]
Twisted Military Twisted Military – You have awoken to some sort of a twisted nightmare. All around are explosions and fighting. Where are you? You see soldiers running around. Oh yeah, you a [...]
Jungle Patrol Jungle Patrol – There are bombs placed all over the roads of the jungle. Unfortunately, these are the same roads that buses of school children ride down each and every day. I [...]
Russian Kraz 2 Russian Kraz 2 – The Russian Kraz is one of the biggest trucks man has ever driven. You are now the soldier that will get to drive this heavy duty machine. The path is very r [...]
Jump Gear 2 Jump Gear 2 – Have you ever wanted to design your own extreme off roading course? Then you have come across the perfect game for you. Jump Gear 2 is a step above the original [...]
Truckster 3 Truckster 3 – For your entire adult life you have spent every waking moment becoming a better and better driver. Now that you are the best driver you can be, your skills will [...]
Truckster 2 Truckster 2 – This another game full of heavy loads and even heavier trucks. As each level starts, you will have to load as much of your cargo into your truck as you can. Onc [...]
Rush n Rescue Rush ‘N’ Rescue is a free flash game that puts you in the hot seat. There are fires breaking out everywhere and it is up to you to drive around and out them all out. Un [...]
Trucks Trial Truck Trial – In this high speed truck driving game, you have to finish each tough course as fast as you can. Watch out for giant hills and dangerous obstacles that will only [...]
Truck Toss Truck Toss – There are no multiple levels that you have to clear. This game is nothing but pure fun and stunts. Drive through this one level game as fast as you can. Try to p [...]
Rock Collecting 2 Rock Collecting 2 – There are special rocks and minerals that are spread all over a bizarre alien landscape. The only person that is brave enough to risk their life to collec [...]
Shadow Factory Shadow Factory – There have been a series of nuclear reactor explosions around the area and now you must go out there in your high tech vehicle and search for answers as to w [...]
Icy Madness Icy Madness – You are the newest Zamboni operator at the local hockey rink. It is your job to drive around the ice rink and clean up all the messes so the skaters can play wh [...]
Rickshaw Jam Rickshaw Jam – Instead of just driving down the road and dodging obstacles, try something that is going to really get your mind working. Rickshaw Jam is a puzzle game with a [...]
Hulk Truck Hulk Truck – The hero of the Marvel universe has finally come to your computer in this brand new adventure. The Incredible Hulk has been one of the most powerful super heroes [...]
Rev Ups Climb Steel Rev Ups Climb Steel Surfaces Game – In this very unique driving game, you will have to hit buttons to switch certain track sections as your Rev Up drives all over the room. T [...]
High Voltage High Voltage – Welcome to wonderful and dangerous work of an electrician. There is a power outage and you must make it to the tower to fix the problem. Start out driving your [...]
Report For Duty Report For Duty – Wake up, Soldier! You are now a member of the United States Army. You have been handed a mission and it is time to hurry up. Drive around the army base, loo [...]
Truck Race Truck Race – The most powerful beasts on the road are those big and beautiful eighteen wheeler machines. This is your only chance to jump in the cab of one of the great machi [...]
Heavy Truck Heavy Truck – You joined the Army to see real live battle. Finally you have your chance, but it may be more than you bargained for. Your mission is to drive your Heavy Truck [...]
Rave Rider Rave Rider – Hop into your sweet new buggy and head on out for some extreme driving action. Rave Rider is a fast paced driving game where you must zoom through fifteen diffic [...]
Raju Meter 2 Raju Meter 2 – The greatest rickshaw driver in the world is back for another great driving experience. In Raju Meter 2, Raju Rickshaw has to drive along the streets completin [...]
Rage Truck Rage Truck – The sun is beating down hotter than it has been for years. You are inside your house when all of a sudden your air conditioner went out. No you are really mad. S [...]
Truck Dodge Truck Dodge – As you speed down the freeway in your brand new sports car, you must avoid all of the other slow drivers that are in your way. Use the arrow keys to switch from [...]
Proefrit Proefrit – Going for a normal drive through the city is just a boring task for a man like you. You need something with a lot more challenge and heart pounding action. That is [...]
Truck City Truck City is a side scrolling driving game that puts you in the middle of a run down and beaten city. Use the arrow keys to drive over debris and other cars, leaving a wake of des [...]
Girl Rush Girl Rush – You have become one of the leading salons in the world thanks to the awesome cosmetics you produce. Recently you have created a brand new kind of make up that wil [...]
Truck Bonanza Truck Bonanza – The goal of this game is simple. You must drive your big truck from the starting line to the finish line without causing yourself too much damage. The way is [...]
Giant Hummer Giant Hummer – Hummers are much more than just some fancy status symbol for rich folks. They are very heavy duty off road vehicles and you plan on putting your new one to the [...]
Trooper Truck Trooper Truck Game – You have been placed in the middle of a war torn battlefield and must drive your military vehicle through this dangerous area to get back to the base. Us [...]
Trollezz Trollezz – The gold rush is on! You are a trolley operator who is in charge of hauling as much gold as you can to the end of the track. Each level will start with you loading [...]
Pig It Pig It – Driving along the roads of the country, you have to drive around the animals and obstacles in the road to pick up all of your pigs that have gotten loose. Drive care [...]
Garbage Truck Garbage Truck – This is extreme garbage pick up today. Wait for your entire load of junk to be loaded into the back of your brand new Garbage Truck. Once you get the green li [...]
Future Train Scene Back to the Future: Train Scene – In this latest adventure, Doc Brown and Marty McFly have to get back to the future from the old west in America. You are in charge of drivin [...]
Patrol Patrol – They are finally attacking planet Earth! The aliens are here and they are really mad. Drive your high tech fighting truck out and start kicking some alien butt. As y [...]
Front Hoe Trial Front Hoe Trial – Anyone can control a giant front how with a little bit of training. It takes real skill to be able to climb mountains while being able driving one of those [...]
Fred Pick Up Tour 2 Fred’s Pickup Tour 2 – You and Lucy are ready to hit the road for some grand old destruction fun. Who is Lucy? Why she is your heavy duty truck made out of indestructib [...]
Toy Trucks Toy Truck – Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a tiny little toy? Now you have the chance to find out as you take on the role of a micro truck exploring the great o [...]
Towing Mania Towing Mania – You have been given the authority to drive around the city and start impounding all of the cars that are breaking the law. Grab your trusty tow truck and hit t [...]
Offroad Trophy Off Road Trophy – Having a good time is a dirty job, but somebody has got to do it. That somebody is you today. Drive your big pick up around a wild dirt track complete with [...]
The Heist The Heist – Welcome to the dark and seedy underbelly of the big city. The bosses of the crime world have seen your awesome driving skills, and have been very impressed. That [...]
Texas Farm Thrasher Texas Farm Thrasher – some mean old scumbags are making it a point to head on out and destroy your farm. Being a true Texan, you only have one way to handle this problem R [...]
Endless Tour Endless Tour brings people a brand new kind of sightseeing experience. Instead of being carted off to some monument, told why it is special, and then carted right back, these tours [...]
Mountain Rescue Driver 2 Mountain Rescue Driver 2 – The mountains are very dangerous and trap people everyday. That is why you signed up to be a mountain rescue worker, so you can save the lives of t [...]
Easter Rampage Easter Rampage – Drive you huge machine down the city streets as you attempt to kill as many animals and people as you can. Your run for the highest score ends when you run o [...]

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Who does not want to feel the power of a monster truck. We all want to experience the thrill of driving a big rig. That’s why we created a whole section for you so check out our truck driving games section for some of the fastest and most challenging free driving games online today.

All of the truck racing games featured here will put you behind the wheel of a truck, but not all will require sheer speed to make it to the end. We have put together a variety of free online truck driving games that will thrill you as well as challenge you.