Zombie Truck Zombie Truck – While out cruising around one night you and a buddy decide to stop at a bar to get something to eat. Once inside, you ask for some food but the people are acti [...]
Santa Rush Santa Rush – Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time is upon us once again and the busiest man around this day is the big man Santa Clause himself. This year there was a problem though, and [...]
Knight Bus Knight Bus – Just like in the blockbuster Harry Potter films, there is a double decker bus that trolls the streets of London. This bus cannot be seen by mere Muggles and is o [...]
Truck Challenge Truck Challenge – In this high speed driving game, you have to control a truck that has lost its brakes as it careens down a busy highway. Do not let the cute graphics fool y [...]
Symponic Bus Tour Symphonic Bus Tour – The goal of this game is make a journey from Nijmegen to Budapest while collecting as many instruments as you can. The road is very tricky to drive on, a [...]
Megabus Megaride Megabus Megaride – Bus driving is one competitive job market, so to stay fresh and sharp, the drivers race around specially designed tracks to see who can score the most poin [...]
Speed Bus Speed Bus – Oh my God, there is a bomb on the bus! The screams echoes through your ears as you realize terrorists have planted bombs on your bus. The only way to keep everyon [...]
Snowplower Snowplower – The good thing about living in Midwestern America is you can always find a job in the winter. All you need is a big truck and a snow plow. That is why you have d [...]
Ashes Aussie Nobbler Ashes Aussie Nobbler – Oh no! The England cricket team has to make it to their games, but they have no tour bus driver. The Ashes need you to drive their tour bus and help ma [...]
American Bus American Bus – Another day means another new job. This time you have been hired to drive the city bus route and make all of your stops perfectly. Driving an American Bus can [...]
Bridge Bomber Bus Bridge Bomber Bus – The first thing you will notice about Bridge Bomber Bus is the fun style of the graphics. With a style akin to some of the most trendy art and comics, thi [...]
Alien Dash Game Alien Dash Game – The scene opens up to the busiest street in your city. A poor lonely alien is lost and needs to find his way back to his space ship. Unfortunately he has on [...]
50 Miles You Do Not Fall 50 Miles You Do Not Fall  – In the tradition of great action movies like the Speed franchise, 50 Miles You Do Not Fall instantly throws you into the scary situation of drivin [...]

Bus Games

Honk Honk! Get out of the way! Screams come from a huge bus as it barrels down the road, speeding way too fast for the upcoming curve. You grab the steering wheel and do everything you can to ensure the safety of everyone on the bus. This is just one of the intense scenarios you will face as you challenge all of the action packed video games in our free bus games section, which include bus driving game, bus parking games and more.

If you think this is tough, imagine playing online bus driving games from your favorite scenes from movies across the pop culture board. Do you think you can handle the Knight Bus from Harry Potter? How about driving a bus with a bomb strapped to it? You can also fight aliens, zombies and other enemies, if you think you can handle it.