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We are running out time! There is an emergency in the city and we need you to hop in the driver’s seat of an ambulance and save the patients. If you have nerves of steel and top notch driving skills, join us in the action packed world of online ambulance games. We have chosen these free games specifically for their action packed driving challenges. Suitable for adults and kids alike

This section features free ambulance driving games that will task you with saving lives while driving along treacherous and deadly roads. Each mission you complete will open the door to even more challenging missions. Be careful not to make any mistakes or else it could mean the end of thousands of innocent patients – and some innocent bystanders.

Ultimate Ambulance - The world has been throw into ultimate chaos. Everywhere you go there is death and destruction. Good thing you are an ambulance driver with a totally pimped ou [...]
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Ambulance Rush - The new hospital has a huge problem. It was built too far away from the city, and now the patients cannot make to safety in time to save their lives. Ambulance Rus [...]
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Ambulance Madness - The world is going mad! What is a new ambulance driver to do in world gone mad? Easy. Go mad with everyone else. You have just started a brand new job as an amb [...]
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