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Cargo Express Cargo Express – Flobzoo and Truck Games 365 bring you one of the best cargo delivery game on the net. Cargo Express does not only force you to beat the clock and delivery exa [...]
Bulldozer Mania In Bulldozer Madness you have to make it to the end of various challenging tracks in a giant yellow bulldozer. Like other games of the genre, you have to climb over obstacles and h [...]
Border Services Border Services – The newest game on Truck Games 365 is Border Services. You have to take a truck full of immigrants across the American border and into freedom. To do this y [...]
Bomb Detonator Truck Bomb Detonator Truck – An extreme political sect is testing nuclear warheads in the Baldare Desert, which is on the outskirts of a small rural village. You have been dispatch [...]
Big Trash Roundup Big Trash Roundup – Welcome to happy family of Big Al’s Trash Heap. As a proud and productive member of this happy family, it is your duty to help the family win the coveted [...]
Benzine Race Benzine Race is a game where you have to drive a heavy duty military truck down the road and infiltrate enemy lines. You have to do this to bring fuel to the allies that are trappe [...]
Ben 10 Urban Jeep Ben 10 Urban Jeep – The hugely popular Nickelodeon series Ben 10 has made its way to Truck Games 365. This time around, Ben gets to drive a giant monster truck. In Ben 10 Urb [...]
Forklift Madness Forklift Madness is a three dimensional pleasure to play. This simulator game is so realistic that even some of the most well trained forklift drivers cannot always complete each a [...]
Flash Halo CTF Flash Halo CTF – When they are not battling aliens, the soldiers of Halo play rough. In Flash Halo Capture the Flag, you take control of a Halo soldier who is about to begin [...]
Fish Truck Fish Truck is a cargo delivery game with a cool twist. You have to pick up fish that needs to be delivered to market and drive your delivery truck over some really rough terrain. T [...]
Fire Truck Master Fire Truck Master – Fires are raging out of control all over the place. What is a young hero like you to do? Jump in your monster fire truck and race to the fires, hopefully [...]
Fire Truck 2 Fire Truck 2 – So you thought you were tough when you made it through the original Fire Truck, but now the fires have gotten larger and the challenges even greater. In Fire T [...]
Fire Truck Fire Truck asks you one simple question. Do you have what it takes to be the best fire fighter in town? Do you think you have what it takes? Then come a long and join Truck Games 3 [...]
Escape from Clowncatraz Come and play Escape from Clowncatraz and help a team of criminal carnival freaks escape from Clowncatraz Prison. The job is not going to be as easy as you think, though. Using you [...]
Epic Truck Epic Truck – Choose the hottest and fastest monster truck on the mountain and then buckle in for some hardcore off road action. Epic Truck is a free off road race video game [...]
Drive In Night Drive In Night – How great is your night vision? Are you ready to put it to the ultimate test? Play Drive In Night and attempt to speed down a dark highway late at night. Wit [...]
Dodo Race Dodo Race is a monster truck racing game where you have to conquer rough terrain in an attempt to beat the clock and score the highest score you can. Cruise through multiple levels [...]
Dockyard Shift Dockyard Shift – New orders have come in faster than the company can handle. They are now forced to hire new workers to handle all of the new orders coming through the office [...]
Disruptive Ride Disruptive Ride – A giant earthquake is rocking your world and it is time for you and your family to high tail it out of Dodge. Hop into your big SUV truck and start outrunni [...]
Dirt Track Dirt Track – The race is on! Choose your favorite car get ready to kick up some dust and leave your opponents in your tracks. Dirt Track allows you to do just that. As you sp [...]
Desert Jeep Desert Jeep – Join Truck Games 365 on the great continent of Africa as we bring you the wildest desert racing game ever. Desert Jeep lets you race down the dirty city roads o [...]
Crosstown Craze Crosstown Craze – Lego Racers, start your engines! Get ready for the fastest and wildest race to ever hit the Lego Racers Circuit. Each race has three rounds in Crosstown Cra [...]
Crazy Orcs Racing Crazy Orcs Racing – Way back in the day, before there were top speed engines and extra traction tires, there was Crazy Orcs Racing. Compete in this challenging race to win th [...]
Crazy Monster Truck Crazy Monster Truck – Crazy Monster Truck sets you up against rough construction style courses. Use your keyboard to keep your balance and accomplish death defying jumps and [...]
Crazy Truck Crazy Truck gives you on goal and one goal only – stay on the road as long as possible before the inevitable crash that you are facing. With no horn and no way to signal the rest o [...]
Crazy Tank Crazy Tank – You were out testing the latest military vehicles and weapons when the unthinkable happened. As you were testing one of the brand new tanks, the brakes gave out [...]
Crazy Jeep Crazy Jeep – Do you like sitting around in bumper to bumper traffic, listening to the idiots around you honking their horns and screaming at the other drivers? Of course you [...]
Craze Truck Game Craze Truck Game – Hee-yaw! In this free and fun flash game on Truck Games 365, the goal is to jump ever growing gaps with your powerful, but tiny, monster truck. Gather just [...]
Combine Madness Combine Madness – It is time to head on down to the good ol’ farm for some fun Combine Madness in this massively addictive flash game from Truck Games 365. You will have to u [...]
Coche Bomb Coche Bomb – KAPOW!! There goes another one of your competitors. In Coche Bomb, the only job you have is to stay alive. Your car is equipped with a bomb that will detonate an [...]
Christmas Truck Christmas Truck – Ho ho ho! This is Santa and I was out delivering presents to boy and girls for Christmas Day when the reindeer and I hit a terrible snow storm and lost cont [...]
Cars Toon Mcporter Cars Toon: McPorter – Time to head back into the canyons and trails of the hugely successful Disney Pixar animated franchise of Cars with the beautiful and fun Cars Toon: McP [...]
Bulldozer Bulldozer – Have you just had a long boring day at the office? Was school and overly boring task today? Then why not wake your senses up with some hardcore construction truck [...]
Buggy Craze Buggy Craze – Once you start playing Buggy Craze, you will be hooked right in. Start off by choosing the best dune buggy out of the several choices available to you. Then hit [...]
Bridge Bomber Bus Bridge Bomber Bus – The first thing you will notice about Bridge Bomber Bus is the fun style of the graphics. With a style akin to some of the most trendy art and comics, thi [...]
BMW Mountain Race BMW Mountain Race – BMW has made the finest cars for many years. They have now taken over the highly competitive truck market. To flex their ultimate domination over the auto [...]
Blast Master Blast Master – Flash Arcade has been a big player in free online entertainment for awhile now. With Blast Master they show why they have been such a popular company in this b [...]
Battle Buggy Battle Buggy is by far the most hardcore and action packed dune buggy game anywhere online. You the Battle Buggy, a new breed of military vehicle, and you have been sent out on you [...]
Arthur Truck Arthur Truck – What makes Arthur Truck different than other free video games on the internet today? That is easy to answer. First off you will be immersed in a brilliant worl [...]
Art of War Art of War: El Alamein is the latest battle game by the company Mortar Games. You are a gunman in the deserts of a war torn country in the early forties. The determined enemy will [...]
Army Driver Army Driver – Truck Games 365 brings you Army Driver, an amazingly well done military battle game that will keep even the most hardcore war fans preoccupied for days. In this [...]
American Firefighter In American Firefighter, you will take control of one of the biggest vehicles on the road and drive around saving the people of your big city. A giant fire truck looks like it woul [...]
Ambulance Madness Ambulance Madness – The world is going mad! What is a new ambulance driver to do in world gone mad? Easy. Go mad with everyone else. You have just started a brand new job as [...]
Alp Truck Alp Truck will make you really question why you even got into racing. Before this, your races have been nice and smooth rides, with very little competition or challenge. Well now i [...]
Alien Dash Game Alien Dash Game – The scene opens up to the busiest street in your city. A poor lonely alien is lost and needs to find his way back to his space ship. Unfortunately he has on [...]
50 Miles You Do Not Fall 50 Miles You Do Not Fall  – In the tradition of great action movies like the Speed franchise, 50 Miles You Do Not Fall instantly throws you into the scary situation of drivin [...]
4x4 Rally 4×4 Rally – Unlike all of the other boring off road racing games out there, 4×4 Rally will make you race against other racers through snowy and icy tracks. Make sur [...]
4 Wheel Chase 4 Wheel Chase – Get back here you crazy kangaroo! Kangaroo Jack has made off with your favorite leather jacket and a total of fifty thousand grand in cold hard cash. How are [...]
18 Wheeler 3 18 Wheeler 3 – Once again you have returned to your city to help clear it out. Most people are glad you have returned, and they have some dirty jobs that have been piling up. [...]