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Halloween Truck Halloween Truck – It was a dark and stormy Halloween night when you had to drive through the scary forest. Take your giant monster truck and barrel through the woods at high [...]
Truck Destroyer Truck Destroyer – This game was created for those days when you just need to break something. You have a certain time to smash up the truck in front of you using your keyboar [...]
Emergency Game Emergency Game – Saving lives is one of the most important and toughest jobs out there. The people that risk their lives every single day to help save other people are very s [...]
Groar Groar – The world of the dinosaurs is upon us once again. Thanks to some mad scientist, you are now stuck in the land of the dino with nothing but your truck with you. Luckil [...]
Truck Coloring Truck Coloring – This is a great game for all the little truck lovers in your house. Select whichever color you choose and paint the truck. You can create as many different t [...]
PMG Racing PMG Racing – Why would you want to race with just one type of vehicle when you can choose from a bunch of different ones and try them all out? PMG Racing is a fun racing game [...]
Gloomy Truck 2 Gloomy Truck 2 – Welcome back to your horrible future. The earth is a dark and gloomy place. The sun and beautiful blue skies have been replaced by clouds of gas. As much as [...]
Truck City Truck City is a side scrolling driving game that puts you in the middle of a run down and beaten city. Use the arrow keys to drive over debris and other cars, leaving a wake of des [...]
Pimp My Wrangler Pimp My Wrangler – Oh yeah! When you were a little boy you used to go outside and play with your little Wrangler trucks and jeeps in the dirt. Now that you are older, it is t [...]
Gloomy Truck Gloomy Truck – In the far off future, the face of planet Earth has changed. Instead of the bright blue skies that used to fill our days, the world is filled with gloom and sm [...]
Truck Challenge Truck Challenge – In this high speed driving game, you have to control a truck that has lost its brakes as it careens down a busy highway. Do not let the cute graphics fool y [...]
Pimp My Jeep Pimp My Jeep – You have gone out and tried those other car modification games, right? Most of them have some cheesy graphics and only a few parts to modify. Not anymore. Now [...]
Girl Rush Girl Rush – You have become one of the leading salons in the world thanks to the awesome cosmetics you produce. Recently you have created a brand new kind of make up that wil [...]
Truck Bonanza Truck Bonanza – The goal of this game is simple. You must drive your big truck from the starting line to the finish line without causing yourself too much damage. The way is [...]
Pimp My Infiniti Pimp My Infiniti – Everyone loves to look at hot cars, but even more fun is being able to modify a brand new Infiniti any way you want. In this awesome car modification game, [...]
Giant Hummer Giant Hummer – Hummers are much more than just some fancy status symbol for rich folks. They are very heavy duty off road vehicles and you plan on putting your new one to the [...]
Trooper Truck Trooper Truck Game – You have been placed in the middle of a war torn battlefield and must drive your military vehicle through this dangerous area to get back to the base. Us [...]
Pimp My Hummer Pimp My Hummer – The hottest vehicle on the streets are the big old Hummers. You were able to get your hands on a brand new one, but now you need to modify to make it even ho [...]
Trollezz Trollezz – The gold rush is on! You are a trolley operator who is in charge of hauling as much gold as you can to the end of the track. Each level will start with you loading [...]
Pig It Pig It – Driving along the roads of the country, you have to drive around the animals and obstacles in the road to pick up all of your pigs that have gotten loose. Drive care [...]
Ghost Ride the Whip Ghost Ride the Whip – All the hot shits around the neighborhood are trying to be the best ghost rider around, but they did not expect you to show up on the scene. The object [...]
Transport Truck Transport Truck – Welcome aboard, Jack. We need your help carrying a lot of cargo around. Our normal drivers are sick today. You will begin each mission by driving to your pi [...]
Pet Truck Pet Truck – Ever since you were small, you dreamed of working with animals. Now you have that chance as a delivery driver. At the beginning of each level you will have to get [...]
Garbage Truck Garbage Truck – This is extreme garbage pick up today. Wait for your entire load of junk to be loaded into the back of your brand new Garbage Truck. Once you get the green li [...]
Pencil Racer 3 Pencil Racer 3: Drive It – The sun is high in the sky and the weather is nice and warm. There is a slight breeze blowing through the open school windows as you sit in class, [...]
Garbage Grab Garbage Grab – The city is in desperate need of a major clean up. The situation has gotten so bad that the mayor has invested in a brand new garbage picker. This state of the [...]
Transformers Truck Transformers Truck – The all spark pieces have been scattered all over Earth and now Optimus Prime must return all of them back in one piece. You get to help Optimus in this [...]
Patrol Patrol – They are finally attacking planet Earth! The aliens are here and they are really mad. Drive your high tech fighting truck out and start kicking some alien butt. As y [...]
Future Train Scene Back to the Future: Train Scene – In this latest adventure, Doc Brown and Marty McFly have to get back to the future from the old west in America. You are in charge of drivin [...]
Tractors Power 2 Tractor’s Power 2 – So you thought just because you managed to prove yourself the first time around that you would be able to sit back and not be challenged? Well you w [...]
Park My Truck Park My Truck – Congratulations! The new lot just had an opening for a brand new valet and you just got the job. Now get out there and learn how to be the greatest valet you [...]
Front Hoe Trial Front Hoe Trial – Anyone can control a giant front how with a little bit of training. It takes real skill to be able to climb mountains while being able driving one of those [...]
Tractors Power Tractor’s Power – You are one heck of a great tractor driver, but this is going to be tough, even for you. Each level you will need to control your tractor from start t [...]
Park My Tank Park My Tank – Get up, soldier! Today you have tank duty. No, you are not going out and shooting things up. Before you can do that, you must learn how to carefully control th [...]
Fred Pick Up Tour 2 Fred’s Pickup Tour 2 – You and Lucy are ready to hit the road for some grand old destruction fun. Who is Lucy? Why she is your heavy duty truck made out of indestructib [...]
Tractor Rally Tractor Rally – In this fun rally race, you must steer your tractor through many different checkpoints on a dirt course. Be careful. The tractor does not have a reverse, so m [...]
Park My School Bus Park My School Bus – Our children’s safety is the number one concern for most of us. That is why the training for school bus drivers is so strict and tough. Get a taste [...]
Fork Lift Frenzy Fork Lift Frenzy – So you have managed to perfect parking a car. Good for you. Now you must learn to park an even more challenging vehicle while moving crates around the ware [...]
Tractor Coloring Giant Tractor Coloring Page – Every big farmer starts out as a little farmer. Each one of those little farmers dream of the day when they get to control those heavy duty farm [...]
Park My Emergency Vehicle Park My Emergency Vehicle – You are a new recruit straight out of the academy. Your first training lessons show you how to control the powerful machines that you will have to [...]
Forklift Drive Forklift Drive – After many years working warehouses, you finally get a chance for a great promotion to be a fork truck driver. Before they just hand over the keys to this ve [...]
Tractor Mania Tractor Mania – Hey yaw! The time has come for the real men to get out there and prove their worth. Tractor Mania is a heavy duty tractor race that will test your driving ski [...]
Park My Big Rig 3 Park My Big Rig 3 – So you thought you had it tough last time? Ha! You have not seen anything until now. Park My Big Rig 3 brings you the biggest mean machines and the smalle [...]
Forest Truck Forest Truck – These trees that have just been cut down and chopped up need to go somewhere. It is up to you to load up as much of this hard wood as you can and deliver it to [...]
Toy Trucks Toy Truck – Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a tiny little toy? Now you have the chance to find out as you take on the role of a micro truck exploring the great o [...]
Ford AA Flatbed Truck Pimp My 1936 Ford AA Flatbed Truck – Forget rushing out to buy the latest cars and trucks like the rest of these young kids today. You like to admire the durability and grace [...]
Toy Truck Toy Truck – There are toys everywhere that need to be delivered and there is only one person for the job. That person is you and hopefully you are up to the tough task. Use t [...]
Park My Big Rig 2 Park My Big Rig 2 – After the smashing success of the first parking game, Park My Big Rig 2 comes driving out of the gates at full speed. Great graphics will attract your eye [...]
Flower Truck Flower Truck – Everyone thinks that just because you are in the floral business that your job is nice and easy. Boy are they ever wrong. Once you have raised and cared for yo [...]
Toy Room Race Toy Room Race – Remote control racing is such a great hobby for kids of all ages – and many adults, as well. Join Truck Games 365 in helping to bring that family hobby [...]