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Zoo Truck Zoo Truck – The local zoo is in need of your help. You rush out there with your truck and they tell you that they have a bunch of packages to deliver. Their normal driver is [...]
Zoo Transport Zoo Transport – Your job is to pick up and load a crate into your truck bed. Once you are loaded, you must drive you awesome truck through the most uneven and hilly landscape [...]
Zombies Delivery Zombies Delivery – Oh no, the dead have gotten up and are attacking! In this high speed driving game, you must deftly steer your vehicle through many different levels. Each o [...]
Zombie Truck Zombie Truck – While out cruising around one night you and a buddy decide to stop at a bar to get something to eat. Once inside, you ask for some food but the people are acti [...]
Scooby Doo Snack Adventure Scooby-Doo Snack Adventure – Join Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, and the rest of the Scooby Gang for another adventure into the unknown and scary. Scooby and Shaggy are trying to escape [...]
Kamaz Truck Jungle 2 Kamaz Jungle 2 – One of the biggest trucks any driver can power is the giant Kamaz truck. This amazing driving series brings you another great set of challenging courses with [...]
Zombie Skull Delivery Zombie Skull Delivery – Aargh! The zombies have taken over the world. Now they need someone to transport their skulls from one place to another. That is your new job, lucky y [...]
School Bus Scramble School Bus Scramble – You are the new head of transportation for the local school district. Your only job now is to make sure all the children get picked up by the school bus [...]
Kamaz Jungle Kamaz Jungle – The jungles of the world are very dark and creepy places sometimes. With wild animals and other jungle explorers all over the place, your adventure through the [...]
Your Large Truck Your Large Truck – Parking a car is easy, but parking a giant semi truck is completely different. That is the new job you have to learn when you got a job as a semi truck val [...]
School Bus Frenzy School Bus Frenzy – Ding ding! The school, bell rings and you run outside to catch the bus that is parked across the street. Man, there are so many cars. How are you ever goi [...]
Kamaz Delivery 2 Kamaz Delivery 2 – The first delivery challenge was nothing more than child’s play. Now Kamaz Delivery 2 brings you even bigger and more challenging cargo delivery rout [...]
Xmas Truck Parking Xmas Truck Parking – Even Santa Clause himself still has to park his big rig somewhere. Xmas Truck Parking puts you in Santa’s boots as he tries to park this big beast [...]
School Bus Driver School Bus Driver – The local school had opening for new bus drivers and since you love kids, you decided to go out and give it a shot. Now that you have the job, you have to [...]
Kamaz Delivery Kamaz Delivery – So you managed to learn how to drive your huge Kamaz truck fast and steady, but now it is time to drive with perfection and a goal in mind. Kamaz Delivery as [...]
X Trucks X Trucks – Hey, buddy, get a move on! If you are not out here to really get extreme, then just take your girly butt right back home. X Trucks is a truck driving game with awe [...]
Kamaz 3 Kamaz 3 – Another great driving series has come to Truck Games 365 with the latest Kamaz 3. It is summer and the country challenge is the most popular trial in this season [...]
Vip Anarchy VIP Anarchy – In this high speed action adventure, you are a very important person that has some very important places to get to. Drive your giant monster truck down the stre [...]
Save All Soldiers Save All Soldiers – You are part of an elite military rescue team. Your mission is to go into the middle of dangerous war zones and rescue the men and women that are fighting [...]
Kachra Gaadi Kachra Gaadi – You have been tasked with collecting kachra along the road. To do this you will have to drive down the streets of the town and collect karchra and other power [...]
Viking Delivery Viking Delivery – You are a new driver for War Stuff Delivery Service and today is your first day. Start off each level by letting your Viking truck load up with parcels and [...]
Santa Truck Santa Truck – You are the new head elf in charge of transporting presents for Santa Clause. Once you start each level, you will be loaded up with a truck full of presents. Yo [...]
Junky Jeep Junky Jeep – You have one of the best off roading machines that has ever been created – a mighty Jeep. The only problem is that you cannot afford to go out and buy a ne [...]
Van Adventure Games Van Adventures Game – Hey, man, let
Santa Rush Santa Rush – Ho Ho Ho! Christmas time is upon us once again and the busiest man around this day is the big man Santa Clause himself. This year there was a problem though, and [...]
Jungle Truck 2 Jungle Truck 2 – Every little boy has big dreams of adventure, but not many get to really experience the fun and danger of these adventures. You are one of the lucky ones to [...]
Ultimate Ambulance Ultimate Ambulance – The world has been throw into ultimate chaos. Everywhere you go there is death and destruction. Good thing you are an ambulance driver with a totally pim [...]
Safari Adventure Safari Adventure – Head out with a caravan of other safari goers on a spaced out adventure for the whole family. There is no violent murdering or car crashes in this game, bu [...]
Jungle Patrol Jungle Patrol – There are bombs placed all over the roads of the jungle. Unfortunately, these are the same roads that buses of school children ride down each and every day. I [...]
Twisted Military Twisted Military – You have awoken to some sort of a twisted nightmare. All around are explosions and fighting. Where are you? You see soldiers running around. Oh yeah, you a [...]
RVPM Racing RvPM Racing – There is a brand new race tearing through the highways and freeways of America. Instead of those hot shot kids and their fancy cars, you and your buddies get in [...]
Jumping Rednecks Jumping Rednecks – Hey, go and get the tractor ready, boy! That is right. This is no normal race and stunt show. This is the Jumping Rednecks competition. With the start of e [...]
Tutu Tractor TuTu Tractor is a cute game that will suck you in and not let go for a long time. You are a tractor driver who is pulling a train of trailers behind you. They must be moved to anot [...]
Russian Kraz 2 Russian Kraz 2 – The Russian Kraz is one of the biggest trucks man has ever driven. You are now the soldier that will get to drive this heavy duty machine. The path is very r [...]
Jump Gear 2 Jump Gear 2 – Have you ever wanted to design your own extreme off roading course? Then you have come across the perfect game for you. Jump Gear 2 is a step above the original [...]
Turbo Trucks Turbo Trucks – Choose your turbo truck and head out onto the road for some worldwide racing fun. Select your track and pay the entrance fee for that race. Speed through the c [...]
Russian KRAZ Russian Kraz – Welcome to the military, soldier. Before you go out there and start hunting down the enemy, you will need to learn patience and how to handle heavy duty machin [...]
Truckster 3 Truckster 3 – For your entire adult life you have spent every waking moment becoming a better and better driver. Now that you are the best driver you can be, your skills will [...]
Russian Jeep Russian Jeep – Aye, Comrade! You have been pinned down by the enemy forces. Now you must fight your way out of an aerial assault with only your trusty jeep. This jeep is equi [...]
Jewel Hunter The Jewel Hunter – The time to get rich is finally here. You have just purchased a brand new desert hopper and have hit the heated sands of the desert. Why have you come out [...]
Truckster 2 Truckster 2 – This another game full of heavy loads and even heavier trucks. As each level starts, you will have to load as much of your cargo into your truck as you can. Onc [...]
Rush n Rescue Rush ‘N’ Rescue is a free flash game that puts you in the hot seat. There are fires breaking out everywhere and it is up to you to drive around and out them all out. Un [...]
Jets Truck Jets Truck – A puzzle game in the purest sense of the word, Jets Truck is an amazingly challenging jigsaw puzzle game. Each picture is another gorgeous work of art featuring [...]
Rough Roads Rough Roads – Travel all around the world in this heart pounding racing game. Rough Roads takes you all over the world in a madcap adventure to see as many different countrie [...]
Jeepney on the Road Jeepney on the Road – Welcome to the crazy roads of the Philippines. On these streets, it takes more than just some good driving skills to make it through the area alive. As [...]
Truckster Truckster – This is a fun cargo carrying game that is a little different than the others. Each level begins with you have to hook up to your load that you have to haul across [...]
Rocky Rider Rocky Rider – In this action packed game, you get behind the wheel of a modified truck that is geared for off road racing. Rocky Rider gives you several levels in three diffe [...]
Jeep Racer Jeep Racer – There has never been a crazier or more hardcore Jeep racing course that this one. The track is built on amazing tough mountain terrain, but to add to the challen [...]
Trucks Trial Truck Trial – In this high speed truck driving game, you have to finish each tough course as fast as you can. Watch out for giant hills and dangerous obstacles that will only [...]
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain – There is no place more ready for an extreme adventure than the mountains. So when you decide to go out and really have a hardcore time with your new off road [...]

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